Researches and Lousky medicines

Researches and Lousky medicines By Dr. Dany Lousky Researches prove that simple human actions (holistic / Lousky medicines) are related to health. Lousky medicines are a main characteristic of integrated medicine. Proving the validity of lousky medicines through empirical researches […]

Integrated Medicine in Israel

Integrated Medicine in Israel By Dr. Dany Lousky Integrative medicine in Israel is not the simple parallel of complementary medicine. While complementary medicine addresses the collection of diagnostic and treatment approaches that are not learned in the schools of medicine, […]

Health Management as opposed to Illness Management

Health Management as opposed to Illness Management By Dr. Dany Lousky Integrated medicine incorporates different treatment methods and approaches. The integration of scientific methods and holistic approaches and the integration among the different holistic approaches are undertaken with the goal […]

Lousky medicines

Lousky medicines By Dr. Dany Lousky Lousky medicines are one of the five main characteristics of the format of integrated medicine. Lousky medicines are simple human actions, such as sleeping, showering, positive thinking, good deeds, hugging, kissing, love, sexual relations, […]