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  • The lousky college comes to you, wherever you are in the world.
  • You don’t have to put your life on hold to get the qualification you want.
  • You choose when and where to study.
  • Plenty of one-to-one contact and social interaction

Distance education – distance learning is the education of students who may not be physically present.
open online courses , offering large-scale interactive participation and open access through the World Wide Web.

Lousky College is an international college for the study of integrated complementary medicine, spiritual holistic psychotherapy  

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Lousky College trains therapists, facilitators, trainers, diagnosticians and masters in the Lousky Method.
The Lousky Method is based on western scientific studies, eastern holistic treatment techniques and the wisdom of the Kabala.
According to the Lousky Method, every human being has 32 intelligences on four levels.
The intelligences can be trained and healed like muscles, according to one’s free will.

Lousky College, which trains practitioners of the Lousky Method in complementary medicine, has been active in the health and education fields in Israel since 1993. Lousky College offers a three-year program of study, leading to a qualification as a Complementary/Alternative Medicine Practitioner, with a specialization in one of various tracks, such as integrated medicine, holistic psychotherapy, art therapy, naturopathic medicine, and couple and family therapy.

The overall study framework at Lousky College is similar to that of academic studies for a BA degree in Israel, including the study timetable and the scope of the studies.

Studies at Lousky College are recognized by the Bureau of Complementary/Alternative Medicine Practitioners, the umbrella organization for complementary medicine in Israel, and also by the National Union of Israeli Students.

The World According to Lousky
According to Lousky, the world is divided into 32 paths, with each path containing a number of variables that correspond to the path’s frequency.

Treatment of one of the variables in a path will positively affect all the other variables in the same path.
The totality of all the variables that correspond to the path’s frequency is the path’s human potential and is known as “intelligence” or, in the words of the Book of Creation, “the paths of wonders of wisdom.”
The intelligences can be corrected, strengthened and refined like muscles, according to one’s free will.

Intelligence is a frequency that is discovered in every form of matter, in the world of emotion, in thought and in will power.
The 32 intelligences are 32 frequencies, 32 dimensions.

Treatment according to the Lousky Method is performed by means of Lousky medications, which are simple human actions directed at receiving or giving, such as:  A hug, sleeping, a shower, walking, a smile, laughing, drinking, a trip, shopping, swimming in the sea, a song, a story

In combination with therapeutic methods: Bach Flowers, psychotherapy, arts, dreams, psychodrama, meditation, guided imagery, healing, chirological acupuncture, Creation cards, experiential processes, experiential journey, nutrition and nutritional education, as well as by means of any therapy technique that has been adapted to the 32 intelligences format.

The Lousky College Vision
Thirty-two Universal Values of Life, according the Book of Creation

The sublime goal of Lousky College is to create abundance – to have an effect.
To open doors to the secrets of life according to the Book of Creation for every human being, everywhere, at all times.
The harmony that we are trying to create with the universe will take place naturally when every human being lives in harmony with himself, with a balance between mind and body.

Be what you choose to be
Your freedom to choose and decide what is right and what is not right for you is the basis of the Lousky Method.

You possess the ability to ask and the power to receive.
The Lousky Method is not a way, because there is no true way – good or bad.
According to Lousky, the world is a vacuum, nothingness in space of being, to be filled with your will. You determine whether there is good or bad, you choose what is good or bad for you.
By means of feedback and your appearance you can observe, see, investigate and understand.
Shape your life and be whatever you choose to be.

Freedom to Make the Change
Beginning with your very first classes at Lousky College, you have the power to make a change in your life.

According to reports by students at Lousky College, a dramatic turnabout takes place in each and every one of the participants, and the change that takes place pervades every facet of life: at work, in the family, in the couplehood relationship, in business, in the family economy, in mind and in body.

The program at Lousky College is taught in such a way that every participant can reap the maximal benefit for himself in order pass it along to others as a therapist, facilitator, trainer or teacher.

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