Studies in Israel

Studies in Israel

Lousky College, which trains practitioners of the Lousky Method in complementary medicine, has been active in the health and education fields in Israel since 1993.
Lousky College offers a three-year program of study, leading to a qualification as a Complementary/Alternative Medicine Practitioner, with a specialization in one of various tracks, such as integrated medicine, holistic psychotherapy, art therapy, naturopathic medicine, and couple and family therapy.

The overall study framework at Lousky College is similar to that of academic studies for a BA degree in Israel, including the study timetable and the scope of the studies.

Studies at Lousky College are recognized by the Bureau of Complementary/Alternative Medicine Practitioners, the umbrella organization for complementary medicine in Israel, and also by the National Union of Israeli Students.

Spiritual Holistic Psychotherapy, Integrated Medicine and the Kabala Wisdom
A unique program of studies for students with multiple capabilities
Classes are taught in Hebrew

Acceptance criteria: intelligence tests.
Psychometric examination, matriculation examinations
or graduation from previous studies is not required.

What is Unique about Us
Two years of intensive studies in Israel

A study program combining holistic medicine, western medicine and the wisdom of the Kabala, in
accordance with the Book of Creation
Studies combining training for therapists, training for facilitators and training for personal trainers for
the degree of Master in the Lousky Method
The study of therapeutic techniques in accordance with the four levels of complementary medicine
Studies combining a unique and personal journey of experience in Israel
Studies in combined arts, meditation, yoga and the arts of the East
The studies grant 90 out of 120 credits towards an undergraduate degree in Psychology or
Complementary Medicine

The program of study in includes:
Therapy Techniques, Diagnostic Techniques, Meditation, Natural nutrition, Tree of Life acupuncture, Mind body therapies, Spiritual holistic psychotherapy, western medicine, Integrated medicine, intelligence tests, healing, tongue diagnosis, Creation cards, Lousky medications, Group Work, Interpreting dreams, Letters of the name, Feedback method, Lous-yoga, Life values questionnaire, Bach Flowers, Psychodrama, Kabbalistic astrology, The wisdom of the body, Combined arts

Registration for Studies
To register for studies, you must fill out the application form and send it to Lousky College.
To fill the application form,
Contact Us

Breakdown of the Complete Curriculum:

Introduction to the Lousky Method 1 – a journey of 32 intelligences, life values, the feedback method, how we understand the world, Spiritual rules for the creation of plenty: Three wills, seven capabilities for changing attitudes, the 10 inner forces, the 12 senses

Introduction to the Lousky Method 2 – the principles of psychotherapy and complementary medicine according to the Lousky Method, the circle of therapists, Training according to the Lousky Method, practical tools for the creation of plenty.

A Journey of Experience – self-awareness and self-recognition through processes and group work in combined arts, social commitment,  How to set and realize goals

Group Facilitation 1 – tools for group facilitation – meditation, guided imagery, story, song, combined arts, Lous-yoga

Lousky Spiritual Healing 1 – physical psychotherapy – mind body balance, energetic balance, mind body therapies

Lousky Spiritual Healing 2 – energetic psychotherapy, blockages, defenses, imaging therapy, energetic scanning, pendulum

Diagnostic Methods 1 – intelligences tests for: The letters of the name, life values questionnaire, chorology (palmistry), creation cards

Group Facilitation 2 – intelligences training, process creation, concepts in group facilitation (the development of the group, the facilitator, Coping with difficulties and objections), process facilitation at the Desert Winds Festival, creating a personal workshop

Western Medicine 1 – the human body – anatomy, physiology

Tree of Life Acupuncture – 32 acupuncture points according to the Lousky Method

Natural Nutrition – education for proper and natural nutrition The relationship between organs, diet and intelligences

Psychodrama – psychodrama therapy The relationship between psychodrama, key sentences and intelligences

Diagnostic Methods 2 – key sentences, diagnostic strategies, intelligences map, the tree of life, mind body therapy, Interpreting dreams, tongue diagnosis, the wisdom of the body

Spiritual Holistic Psychotherapy – Lousky medications, training according to the Lousky Method, the art of questioning, key sentences, Causes of diseases and the disease slope, the therapy program – therapeutic case descriptions in combined medicine, therapeutic strategy

Ways to Know – my mission, my goals I as a therapist, facilitator, trainer, teacher How? Where? With whom? – performance tools

Western Medicine 2 – pathology, reading medical reports

Bach Flowers – Bach Flower diagnosis and therapy, and its relationship with the 32 intelligences and the Lousky Method

Diagnostic Methods 3 – graphology – diagnosing intelligences through handwriting (starting in the next academic year)

Integrated Medicine – integration, therapist-client relations, reports and presenting therapeutic cases, the therapist circle

Hands-on Practice – group instruction, facilitation and practice  

Clinical Therapists – working at a clinic, working with clients

Writing a Thesis – the thesis must represent a unique contribution to the study of the Lousky Method  

Total – 1,800 hours of instruction, exercise and hands-on practice
The curriculum or courses change from time to time, as decided by the College.

The Nature of the Studies, Certification and Employment

Curriculum in holistic psychotherapy and integrated complementary medicine includes:  Academic study, processes, hands-on experience and exercises

A combination of psychotherapy, complementary medicine, alternative medicine, Jewish medicine and scientific medicine

Classes are held in a homelike atmosphere, in small groups.

Intensive Studies

Intensive studies, a whole week, including communal living

Areas of Specialization

Studies and training in the various areas of specialization in the field of integrated complementary medicine, holistic psychotherapy, takes place through individual work in a group, on selected projects, exercises, hands-on experience, clinic, practicum and writing a thesis


Graduates of the complementary medicine and holistic psychotherapy program will be awarded a therapist’s and facilitator’s diploma from Lousky College.

Bachelor’s Degree

In integrated complementary medicine and holistic psychotherapy program of study is recognized for the completion of an undergraduate degree in psychology or complementary medicine.

International Recognition

Graduates of the integrated complementary medicine and holistic psychotherapy study program are entitled to be accepted as full members of the International Federation of Healing.

Student Card

Students at Lousky College in the integrated complementary medicine and holistic psychotherapy program are entitled to receive a student card from Israel’s National Student Union to enjoy all the benefits that a student card confers, throughout their studies. 

Studies in cooperation with Medical Centers

Lousky College operates in cooperation in the field of complementary medicine with Ichilov hospital in Tel Aviv, Shmuel Harofeh Hospital and Global Hospital in Mont Abu, India

The Association of Therapists and Facilitators at Lousky

Graduates of the College and the integrated complementary medicine and holistic psychotherapy program are accepted as full members of the International Organization of Lousky Method Therapists and Facilitators.


Graduates of the College are employed in a variety of jobs:

Working at preschools and kindergartens in accordance with the Lousky Method; working at diagnostic and therapy clinics in accordance with the Lousky Method; working in the framework of the health services (health funds); working at medical centers; working in educational settings, schools, community centers; working in the field of diagnostics and imparting the 32 intelligences; working as an awareness group facilitator with children and adults; facilitating various professional courses that are included in the curriculum; working as trainers or diagnosticians in various business frameworks; working in job placement and guidance; employee and manager training. Outstanding graduates will be hired at the College in Israel or at its branches abroad.